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In the heart of Quinting de Quinting

Braving obstacles and overcoming the impossible to attain perfection;

This philosophy motivated Quinting to create the first and only transparent watch in the world.

Quinting’s movement was created to fulfill the dream of a 100% transparent watch. Each of the four movements created by Quinting’s team of watch makers are unique and patented; no copies exist of our watches, or our movements.

The movements contain the 3rd dimension because of the numerous sapphires layers, and due to this unique aspect they can be customized in various ways.

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A message from Pascal Berclaz

The idea of designing a completely transparent watch has occupied the greatest minds in the watchmaking profession for more than 100 years. All attempts to achieve the dream of seeing the hands of time floating on wrists failed and everybody remained convinced it was impossible to realize. That is why I can say with pride that the Quinting manufacture leapt into a new era in watchmaking history by making this dream come true.

Five engineers pooled their knowledge; millions of dollars were invested throughout 7 years of research and development. The result was that we managed to craft the first and only 100% transparent chronograph in the world. We were able to create our own identity as a manufacturer, that is impossible to imitate or to copy.

As true luxury objects, Quinting watches appeal to dreamers who are not looking for what they need but for what they desire. Besides providing highly innovative and exceptional products, we provide a mystery, the mystery of transparency, the mystery of Quinting.

Pascal Berclaz
President and CEO of Quinting SA


Marvel's graphic artist Bosslogic is partnering with Quinting




Gold Union's birthday in St Petersburg




Quinting introduces you to its Art Collection, one that consists solely of unique pieces.



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