Quinting-Tech movements

Quinting’s movement was created to fulfill the dream of a 100% transparent watch. Each of the four movements created by Quinting’s team of watch makers are unique and patented; no copies exist of our watches, or our movements.

The movements contain the 3rd dimension because of the numerous sapphires layers, and due to this unique aspect they can be customized in various ways.


The Mystery of Quinting

If it could be described as a sound it would be that of a champagne cork popping opened to celebrate a new era in the watch making art. If it could be described as a place it would be a magical and mysterious garden, transparent and visible at the same time. Quinting watches are state-of-the-art timepieces in both design and technology; they are unique and entirely transparent.

Through the ages, conquests of transparency still remain a privilege of great fascination where the magic of crystalline luminosity and pure reflections exert over men an extraordinary power of seduction.

For over a century the greatest minds of the watch making profession looked at ways of making a completely transparent watch, but without success. Yet, complete transparency was achieved on few clocks. At the beginning of the 19th century Jean-Eugène Robert Houdin, the French clockmaker and performer widely considered the father of modern magic, made what we call today “the mysterious” clock. When observing it one could only see the hands on a totally see-through dial made of glass.

Later other mystery clocks were made by Cartier and LeCoultre but up to now nobody succeeded in creating a completely transparent wrist-watch. Until now Swiss watch manufacturers were convinced that it was impossible to give shape to this marvel of horology. But nothing is impossible, especially for creative minds. At the Swiss watch manufacture Quinting, this outstanding conception saw the light of day. No movement or mechanism is visible with the movement of the hands. Everything seems to be mysterious. This is the mystery of Quinting.


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