Quinting Tech 1

This extraordinarily extravagant chronograph escapes from the classical criteria of appreciation and is considered as the reference for the new generation. Mysterious Quinting is a masterpiece of precision, made of noble and precious materials. Pure and essential, this is a watch that will last. This object of beauty and perfection, and technical and aesthetic innovation does not go unobserved and arouses an irresistible urge to touch and possess. Beautiful and exclusive, this is a watch for someone who wants to be talked about.

11 sapphire discs
The chronograph contains 11 layers of sapphire. As the whole watch houses a total of 6 hands (hours, minutes, dates, chronograph hours, chronograph minutes and chronograph seconds), there are 6 mobile sapphire discs, the other 5 are stationary.

Design and Originality
The large case puts Quinting Mysterious Chronograph right in step with the current trend for oversized watches. Quinting is eye-catching and easily recognizable not only because of its large form, bold design and originality, but also because it has class and a timeless appearance.

Swiss Quality
With its distinctive look and uncompromising Swiss quality, this is one of the most exceptional chronographs in the world that expresses originality and offers its wearer a unique personality.
In order to be totally unique, the movement and the back of the case are engraved with an individual serial number.

Patent n°: 1 (1995)
At the beginning of the 19th century Jean-Eugène Robert Houdin, the French clockmaker and performer widely considered the father of modern magic, made what we call today “the mysterious” clock. When observing it one could only see the hands on a totally see-through dial made of glass.
Later other mystery clocks were made by Cartier and LeCoultre but up to now nobody succeeded in creating a completely transparent wrist-watch. Until now Swiss watch manufacturers were convinced that it was impossible to give shape to this marvel of horology.


  • Steel Case, Blacktop or Gold 18 ct (Pink, White or Yellow)
    - or 60 Diamonds-set Case (1.38 ct)
    - or 232 Diamonds-set Case, Dial and Horns (2.516 ct)
    - or Baguette Diamonds (4.73 ct) and Sapphires (0.49 ct)
    - or Leather Strap (Alligator, Ostrich, Snake, Polo) or Gold
  • Movement: 43.80 mm
  • Thickness: 14.00 mm
  • Available in White, Blue, Red, Black, Steel, Brown, all Gold
  • Hour/ Minute
  • Date with AM/ PM indication
  • Chronographs (Hour, Minute, Second)

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