Quinting Tech 4

Sumptuous and pure as a ray of light, “The Mysterious Quardinal” that Quinting launched is a watch with a jewel as the movement. Sapphire which is the hardest and most precious stone next to the diamond was transformed by Quinting into a very complicated and thus mysterious mechanism that makes time move smoothly and transparently as the movement of the new Quinting watch “The Mysterious Quardinal.”

9 Sapphire Discs
This complicated system is composed of 3 stationary and 4 rotating sapphire discs that put in motion the hour, minute, and date hands as well as the small second at 6 o’clock.

Sacred Stones
Majestic and enigmatic, this timepiece houses a completely transparent movement made of sapphire, the sacred gemstone, symbol of wise rulers and the divine. It was worn only by kings and high-ranking priests such as popes and cardinals.

Embodied Splendor
A Quinting watch is the only timepiece in the world that could achieve the highest degree of luxury in the watch manufacturing. Unlike others, even the most prestigious watches in the world that have metal movements, this miracle of transparency features a jewelry movement completely crafted of sapphire. “The Mysterious Quardinal” is the embodiment of the majestic splendor that surrounded mysterious cardinals who were often more influential than their kings.

Brevet n° : 3 (2006)
Third movement for wristwatch patented by Quinting, the Mysterious Quardinal carries a caliber similar to the Mysterious Chronograph’s one. However it is more purified, with always the date with am/ pm indication but only a small second at six hours instead of the three counters on the more sportive chronograph.


  • Steel Case, Blacktop or Gold 18 ct (Pink, White or Yellow)
    - or 60 Diamonds-set Case (1.38 ct)
    - or 232 Diamonds-set Case, Dial and Horns (2.516 ct)
    - or Baguette Diamonds (4.73 ct) and Sapphires (0.49 ct)
    - or Leather Strap (Alligator, Ostrich, Snake, Polo) or Gold
  • Movement: 43.80 mm
  • Thickness: 14.00 mm
  • Available in White, Blue, Red, Black, Steel, Brown, all Gold
  • Hour/ Minute/ Second
  • Date with AM/ PM indication

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