Quinting Tech 6

Quinting continues to WOW the watchmaking com¬munity with firsts: the first and only transparent watch, the first and only watch with a sapphire movement, the first and only watch with counter¬balancing forces adapted to the wristwatches and then going further than the Tourbillon, once invented by Breguet for the pocket watches. Now Quin¬ting releases yet another first: The Moonlight.

9 Layers of Sapphire
This high watchmaking complication is made of 9 layers of sapphire with anti-reflective coating. One is rotating at the speed of the hour, another one at the speed of the minute and the last one at the speed of the Moon phase.

360 Pièces Uniques
This limited edition is composed of 360 unique pieces, representing the 360 degrees of the earth. Each piece will have a different view of the earth, hand decorated with enamel. Then the customer can choose on which city, symbolized by a ruby crimped into the sap¬phire, he wants to center the Earth.

Art Collection
Quinting has the pleasure of certifying that this watch is a unique piece within the Art Collection.

Brevet n°: 5 (2011)
Quinting created a movement exclusively for this watch, the only “true” moon phase watch. It is the first in the world where the moon revolves around the earth, ac¬curately showing its phases. Meanwhile, every hour a comet shoots around the earth and the moon, always ready to be wished upon.


  • Blacktop Case
  • Pink Gold Dial
  • Alligator Black Leather Strap
  • Movement: 43.80 mm
  • Thickness : 14.00 mm
  • Hour/ Minute
  • Moon phase
  • Centered on the city of the customer’s choice
  • 360 Pieces Limited Edition

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