Quinting in the vanguard of the watch exhibition GTE 2012 (2)

Quinting Manufacture d’Horlogerie, the luxurious Swiss and worldwide recognized brand that created the first and only 100% transparent watches in the world participated in the Geneva Time Exhibition 2012(GTE 2012), which passed during 15th - 20th January 2012.

The third session of the GTE 2012 was held under the motto "The Art of Making Time". It was interesting for representatives of the watch industry, collectors and the press, because independent manufactures presented their exposure and news without watching at the marketing departments, like do large luxury corporations, but they create their products for the sake of pure watchmaking. The main advantage of the independent watchmakers for distributors is that their offers in the sale of unique products have better conditions than brands belonging to large luxury corporations. The exclusive items created by hand in limited series by great watchmakers, émaillers and artists are attractive also for collectors.

The Quinting was one of the most notable with its watch collection equipped with unique transparent sapphire movements during the GTE 2012. ItpresentedsophisticatedmodelsoftheArtCollection.

Quinting 100% transparent watches with a layered sapphire movement are a blank canvas for original art. With our artists’ skills and creativity we were able to create hand-painted, stunning one-of-a-kind pieces. Enamel used on Quinting watches provides a different effect than when used on any other. Our watches have internal discs made of sapphire, as eternal as diamonds. The paintings last forever, similar to stained glass one may find in the oldest cathedrals, but all the more durable.

Each unique watch frames an original work of art. The paintings were made using the finest materials. A steady hand, a special paint brush and high quality enamel paint give a colorful new life to these Quinting watches.

The unique Quinting movement is composed of a superposition of sapphire discs (the distance between each sapphire measures 0.08 to 0.10 mm) was the real sensation not only for the media, but also for potential customers. Due to the complexity of the assembly which requires special optical instruments, microscopes, and surgical – like sterile rooms – it is impossible to copy the Quinting watches. They are instantly recognizable on the wrist that makes them attractive and popular for buyers who appreciate exclusivity.

Among the people who wear the Quinting are Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan, Vladimir Putin, Sepp Blatter, and the Swiss Government. “If I wear the Quinting watch, it is because it is the symbol of the Swiss tradition of horology and its future,” citation from a Swiss President

A message from Pascal Berclaz, president of the Quinting:

“The idea of designing a completely transparent watch has occupied the greatest minds in the watchmaking profession for more than 100 years. All attempts to achieve the dream of seeing the hands of time floating on wrists failed and everybody remained convinced it was impossible to realize. That is why I can say with pride that the Quinting manufacture leapt into a new era in watchmaking history by making this dream come true.

Five engineers pooled their knowledge; millions of dollars were invested throughout 7 years of research and development. The result was that we managed to craft the first and only 100% transparent chronograph in the world. We were able to create our own identity as a manufacturer, that is impossible to imitate or to copy.

As true luxury objects, the Quinting watches appeal to dreamers who are not looking for what they need but for what they desire. Besides providing highly innovative and exceptional products, we provide a mystery, the mystery of transparency, the mystery of the Quinting.

And now I present to you our Art Collection, please enjoy”.

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