Quinting - Baselworld 2012 Power to independence

What if 2012 was actually the year of a new world? A world where all the dreams were allowed?

The luxury watch manufacturer Quinting, first and only in the world creating 100% transparent watches, always sufficiently believed in its dreams to realize and even exceed them.

The international watchmaking fair Baselworld 2012 was for the pioneer brand a suitable opportunity to celebrate its twelfth birthday and to launch its amazing new collections.

Since 2000, release date of its first mysterious chronographs, Quinting’s ingenuity is well established. Overcoming challenges, each one more crazy than the last, proves it. Quinting never considered relying on its past and technical prowess as well as aesthetic ones constantly continued. Thus, in 2006 arrives the Cyclone, first movement for wristwatch in the world counterbalancing the effects of synergy. In 2009, Christian Dior launches at Baselworld his first watch collection with movements specially created by Quinting.

The brand now involves more than 200 different watches and produce five exclusive movements, all patented and the only one on the market made of sapphire. This constant rise was only possible with the efforts of a team freshly renewed and a research and development department in constant innovation. Indeed, Quinting gives itself the means to its ambitious expectations by emerging stronger from a total restructuring plan. About fifteen watchmaking operators, additional engineers as well as the prizewinner of the twentieth “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” contest in jewelry are now composing a Quinting team at the cutting edge of innovation.

In the wake of Baselworld 2012, the Manufacture is proud to present very positive results after its twelve first years, symbolized by a strong revenue growth and the launch of new collections. The first of them is the Art Collection, within each watch is a unique piece hand decorated with enamel. Keystone of the collection, the Moonlight is a world premiere. Limited edition of 360 pieces, referring to the 360 degrees of longitude, the collection presents a brand new patented movement, the only one in the world really showing the image of the Moon in space.

As an extension and still in the field of Art, Quinting exclusively presented in Baselworld the Gold Art collection, which is distinguished by the replacement of enamel by motifs in gold enameled and the possibility to crimp gemstones directly on the sapphires, fixed or in motion, composing the movement. The process is the same for the new Zodiac Collection, composed of twelve different designs, one per constellation of the Zodiac, where a diamond symbolizes each star.

Finally, the Hypnose Collection offers a more attractive range because of the replacement of some sapphires by polished stainless steel discs. Two similar discs are turning inside each watch, giving birth to motifs in constant evolution. The perpetual cycle of both discs and the hypnotic move give to these exceptional watches modernism and dynamism.

The different techniques used for the pieces now on the market – enamel painting, enamel deposit, mother-of-pearl, luminous decoration at night, metal discs, silkscreen, gemstones crimping – are furthermore all useable for a total personalizing of the design on the customer’s wishes. The infinite customization of the movements leads to the creation of unique or ultra-limited pieces. This makes Quinting watches true works of art and perfect investments since the first pieces launched already triple their value in a decade. Proof of the exclusivity of the brand and that a Quinting watch is a good investment, the increasing interest shown by the world of luxury for Quinting. After Christian Dior, three other collaborations with other well-known groups are close to be signed. It is sure that 2012 will one more time be for Quinting a year full of surprises and boldness.


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