Quinting inaugurates the International Exhibition of Inventions

The Quinting manufacture, constantly leading in innovation since the launched in 2000 of the first 100% transparent chronographs, dresses with its surprising watches Nao, a robot developed by the HEIG (High School of Engineering and Management).  The automat had the honor to bring the scissors to Mr. Pierre Maudet, Geneva‚Äôs Mayor, in charge of cutting the ribbon officially initiating the 40th international exhibition of Inventions.

Thus Nao set foot on the red carpet with a classic 100% transparent watch of the brand before wearing later in the ceremony a Moonlight to shake hands with the Mayor. World premiere because of its capacity to truly show the moon phases, this 360 pieces limited edition is only composed of unique pieces, each one performing a different view of Earth. On the cutting edge of technology and ahead of its time, Nao and Quinting made a perfect match.

The Manufacture was there the entire exhibition long, from April 18th to 22nd, on the P2N booth, the only virtual golf system where you can really play as on the green. On this occasion, Quinting launched, as a preview, it very new watch dedicated to the golf universe. Characterized by a 100% transparent sapphire movement, the Golf piece belongs to the Art Collection, only incorporating unique pieces hand decorated with enamel.

Only manufacture in the world holding the secret of transparency and then able to play with three dimensions, Quinting indulges in the luxury of proposing an exclusive watch showing the green on the background and a golf player on the first plan. The golf club hits the rolling ball once an hour, for an evolving design, different all day long.

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