June 22 in Istanbul in one of the most luxurious hotels in the city Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel located in the prestigious district Taksim Beyoğlu Pascal Berсlaz, president of the Swiss watch brand Quinting (the world's only company created 100% transparent watch), met with the Turkish press and distributors.

Pascal Berclaz held the attention of guests who were listening with great interest about the history of the brand which was able to realize a dream of many watchmakers and created a totally transparent sapphire movement. 7 years of research and development and 15 million euro of investment were necessary to take on the challenge. Pascal also spoke about the recent opening of the boutique Quinting in Hong Kong and that the Asian market today plays a leading role in the consumption of luxury goods.

Invited guests were impressed not only the fantastic Quinting watch engineering, but also the enamel craftsmanship created within the unique Gold Art and Art collections. Quinting’s 100% transparent watches with a layered sapphire movement are a blank canvas for original art. With our artists’ skills and creativity we were able to create hand-painted, stunning one-of-a-kind pieces.

Pascal Berclaz: "The atmosphere of this meeting in Istanbul was very friendly. It’s typical for culture of the East. Nobody anywhere is in a hurry and everybody enjoys fellowship and communication with each other. I like this feeling because I feel almost as in a big family. "

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