Welcome to Baku Quinting is on the Annual Salon Jewels of the World in Azerbaijan

This year in May the Annual “Jewels of the World” Fair is opened for the first time in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.

The idea of bringing the Jewels of the World to the Jewel of Caspian came quite naturally and was further reinforced by the city’s dynamic, ambitious and vibrant lifestyle and atmosphere.

The Jewels of the World team was able to come up with a unique concept, refined by Patrick Hourcade, combining precious stones and extraordinary pieces, and to put it in motion for less than 6 months.


The choice of the Four Seasons hotel as a venue also came very naturally. Beautifully designed, it charmed us at first sight. With its unraveled hospitality and luxury Beaux – Arts style the hotel provides a spectacular background the world’s famous jewellery houses to present their masterpieces.

Among the chosen participants of the Salon were such famous jewelry houses like: Graff, De Beers, Adler, Charles Oudin, Jacob & Co, Jahan, Pejmani, Moussaieff, Sabbadini, SHAKH, David Morris, Chatila.

Haute Horlogerie was represented by the Quinting manufacture from Geneva (Switzerland). Its participation in the Salon was logic.

Since 2006 this brand is represented and has a Name in the luxury market of Baku. Many special guests came to the exhibition to see and appreciate novelties from the Quinting.

Remarkable is that the brand ambassador was international sales director of the Quinting, Leyla Bakhshaliyeva, she is Baku original. She is well aware of watch enthusiasts need in Azerbaijan, and she with great proud showed the unique watches Quinting.

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