Gold Art


As an extension of the Art Collection, Quinting launches, especially for Baselworld 2012, its Gold Art Collection. Still based on the exclusive realization of unique pieces hand painted with enamel, the Gold Art Collection magnifies the paintings with gold inserts both accurate and delicate. Noble and precious material, gold is the most malleable and ductile metal in the world. Its resistance allows the most technical distortions and the finest ornaments. Assimilated to solar power from prehistory, gold has always been a symbol of power and fortune.

From Tutankhamun’s burial mask (ancient Egypt) to its special place in our modern monetary system, gold never stopped to stake Human life. Today, Quinting reappropriates its values by substituting the enamel used for the Art pieces with enameled gold.

Then each piece, unique and hand painted, devotes itself to write a new page in the precious History of this metal, conferring on the one who wears it the power of a modern-day Midas, able to turn everything he touches… in gold.


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