Street Art

High Street Art

What if subversion wasn’t in the streets anymore but on the wrist of enlightened souls? When Quinting first launched its Street Art Collection, graffiti still was an underground art only saw on your neighborhood’s walls. A few months later, the biggest world-famous brands successfully blend luxury, fashion and street art.

With the Street Art Collection, Quinting does not only pick some popular designs but creates unseen motifs directly coming from the brain of its exclusive artists.

All the models are unique pieces, hand-decorated with enamel and involve four different scenery pieces, two fixed, one turning at the speed of hours and one at the speed of minutes. Another step in the astonishing kinetic art dear to Quinting!

Each watch within the Street Art Collection is sold with exclusive paintings on canvas and the watch box.

All three pieces create together a real work of art, a coherent whole different for each watch. All the designs comport superluminova elements to create different motifs day and night, just as the different faces of a street the day or at night.

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