Art Collections

Quinting introduces you to its Art Collection, one that consists solely of unique pieces. Quinting’s 100% transparent watches with a layered sapphire ovement are a blank canvas for original art.

With our artis’ skills and creativity we were able to create hand painted, stunning one-o-a-kind pieces. Enames used on Quinting watches provides a different effect than when used on any other. Our watches have internal discs made of sapphire, eternal as diamonds. The paintings last forever, similar to stained glass one may find in the oldest cathedrals, but all the more durable. Each unique watch frames an original work of art. The paintings were made using the finest materials. A steady hand, a special paint brush and high quality enamel paint give a colorful new life to these Quinting watches.

When Quinting’s artists put their imaginations to work, they can create any one of a kind piece; the following watches are just a few examples of all the possibilities.

ART - The Moonlight

Quinting continuews to WOW the watchmaking community with firsts: the first and only transparent watch, the first and only watch with a spahhire movement, the first and only watch with counterbalancing forces.



As an extension of the Art Collection, Quinting launches, especially for Baselworld 2012, its Gold Art Collection. Still based on the exclusive realization of unique pieces hand painted with enamel, the Gold Art Collection magnifies the paintings with gold inserts both accurate and delicate.


Street Art

What if subversion wasn’t in the streets anymore but on the wrist of enlightened souls? When Quinting first launched its Street Art Collection, graffiti still was an underground art only saw on your neighborhood’s walls.



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